Georgia State Yoyo Contest [OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT]

I am happy to announce the 2011 Georgia State Yoyo Contest. It will be held July 23rd at the PushPush Theater in Decatur, Georgia. For more details please visit our website:

For immediate updates, please follow us on facebook and twitter:

I will be updating the website, this thread, and our facebook as we confirm our sponsors, so please be sure to check back in.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that is now one of our official sponsors! Also, if you’re planning on attending this contest, please post letting us and everyone else know.

Here’s an updated list of all of our current sponsors. Without them, this event would not be possible, so please support them!

I am so there! ;D, totally cleared my calender for the event; Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Sorry to say I can not compete cause as for now 6 of the 25 ladder list tricks I have not yet learned hopefully next year.

Best wishes to all who are!

Hope this also helps anyone who does not know what I mean about the ladder lists.

I’m pleased to announce that WERRD is now one of our official sponsors!

Also, here’s a little teaser of our current prizes, more to come :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my god! I didnt think there was a Georgia contest this year! Im going to the Alabama contest. Im so syched!

Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh! I went to Bama and now Georgia?! Dang this looks fun. The only bad thing is I wont win now that Jake is going:D

Hey Randy, thanks for the work you’ve put in on this. Does it look like there are going to be any sponsors there at the contest retailing stuff?

Have Fun,

I dont know about that…youll do better if you dont go FIRST ;D I think im gonna go that Code 1 made me drool a bit…

looks like old man frogz will be there. ill prob be the guy wearing a dd44 shirt and cussing like a sailor that lost his wooden leg and bottle of rum!

I have confirmation that infinite illusions will be vending!

i just did a fhz dye job…looks like its been dipped in blood. i call it the bloody mess. it goes to the winner of the 1s ladder winner. pics on facebook and g+ just look for lickinfrogz on either, or search for ifartednstuffcameout on fb… its not much but wanna show my ladder love.

Ok guys, contest is this weekend! I’d like to remind everyone to please pre-register online. You can find the pre-registration page at it costs no money upfront, and helps the contest go a lot faster for us! Registration during the contest will open from 10 am to 11 am. If you are trying to decide whether to compete or not, definitely compete! Our sponsors have been incredibly generous this year, and if you guys don’t fill up the divisions, I don’t know how I’m going to give all of it away. However, if you don’t want to compete, but do want to win some awesome stuff, some of our sponsors also donated some awesome stuff to be raffled off, the proceeds of which will go towards covering the cost of the contest. Speaking of our sponsors, here’s a full list of them, again, please support them, without them this contest wouldn’t be possible!

Note! Infinite Illusions is also sponsoring, and will be present to vend, but they have yet to provide me with a logo, haha!

Hype picture for you all, and this isn’t even all of it! Packages still incoming from Duncan, Infinite Illusions, and Foxland Precision!

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Haha dude if I place over you, Its because your eyes are closed and your not using your arms. xD Ahhhhh its tomorrow! So pumped! See you there Jake! (And everyone else whos names i do not know)

hey guys, please show Randy some major love for getting this contest up and running. he did an amazing job for all of us. without his work we may have gone another year without this contest.

Thank you Randy!

Amazing contest! SERIOUS cred to Randy for making this all happen! Cant wait to see you next you :o

Had a blast! That was AWESOME! Hope to see some of you at TN States in November!
Btw, Jake you did AWESOME! Especially in 4a!

Thanks! You did good too! My dad recorded a couple of freestyles I told him to get one of yours. Ill put it on my channel soon:D

Haha I bombed my freestyle xD. But thanks man! Ill be looking for those vids:D

All right, here are the over all placings and scores. We decided to leave the tech and performance scores separate, just so you guys can know if you need to work on one or another. Please keep in mind, these are NORMALIZED SCORES. What that means is that no, no one only got 7 tech points, it just indicates the gap between first place and last place. If you want to learn more about normalization hit up google =P