2013 Georgia YoYo Contest

The Georgia YoYo Contest is back!! We are so excited that the Georgia State Fair has provided us with such an excellent venue. We will be on the main stage of the Georgia State Fair.

Join us October 27, 2013, 10AM to 4PM, to compete with the best in the Southeast (in front of tens of thousands of spectators!), or just come out to watch and support this exciting contest!

We have a great panel of judges: Mark Allen, Randy Jensen, A.J. Kirk, and Datamion Knox. Great sponsors, great judges, great venue, great Georgia October weather. Now, we need great players. Please register early. Free admission to the fair is only possible if you register early. If you miss early registration, you will have to pay contest registration and fair admission.

I will be at this. I still need to register though. Seriously guys come if you can. This seems like it will be awesome.

I’ll be there with two other peoples all three of us will be competing :slight_smile:


OneDrop has generously donated yoyos to support the Georgia YoYo Contest. With their permission we are selling them to fund the contest. I have a green “54” for $75, a blue “54” for $75, a red and gold Yelets for $75, a bronze Yelets for $75, a green Yelets for $75, and a red OneDrop x CLYW Summit for $125. If you are interested in purchasing a great yoyo to support a great contest, please message me. georgiayoyocontest@gmail.com

If you plan on attending the Georgia YoYo Contest, please pre-register at georgiayoyocontest.com. Those who do by October 13 will not have to pay admission to the fair.

Im excited to be competing here! this is gonna be great!

I registered but I haven’t gotten any sort of confirmation yet. Should I have gotten confirmation? Is there anyway to check?

I have your registration. If you pay via paypal, your receipt is your confirmation.

I’m going. It’s my first time. Can someone tell me what to expect? Also if you live nearby maybe we could meet up.

Well this was a super fun contest! It did already happen. The Florida state contest is march 1st in Orlando, then the pan America is June 30-July 2, and south east regionals are April 26 in Tallahassee. Those are the next three contest that I know of that are close to you. I hope you can make it to one of those!