Georgia State Yoyo Contest

Hi all, please forgive me for neglecting to announce this on the forums until now, I was more focused on facebook and other outlets. However, the Georgia State Yoyo Contest, which has YoyoExpert as its presenting sponsor of course, is being held this weekend in Atlanta Georgia on the Georgia Tech campus. More information and registration can be found here:

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Thanks Randy for all your hard work!

I really enjoyed myself, even if I did choke in the trick ladder.

I feel stupid for not trying out the Cores. I think I was scared I’d like it after all the good things I’d heard, and was already over yoyo budget from Black Friday. I should have tried it though. Once I recover, the Standard is high on my list!

Also, want to thank Logan, who works with you. He helped me with the Vortex Bind from Fingerspin. I’ve been having fun with that.

Next year I’ll compete in Open with spin tops!

I thought Open was only for 2A-5A players. ???

One of the competitors told me they had had someone doing double dragons and even diabolos in open in the past…