All the YoYo Events Thread!

Can anyone here name all or some of the yearly YoYo events, along with where they are normally held, and the approximate date?
e.g. -October / Ohio YoYo Comp / New Philadelphia, Ohio
(obviously made up)

My goal is to make a Approx. Callander of everything.
(im currently working on the same for kendama)

Georgia Yoyo Contest

Not sure if this is going to be yearly or if at the same place. But this year

“The Georgia YoYo Contest is back!! We are so excited that the Georgia State Fair has provided us with such an excellent venue. We will be on the main stage of the Georgia State Fair.
Join us October 27, 2013, 10AM to 4PM, to compete with the best in the Southeast (in front of tens of thousands of spectators!), or just come out to watch and support this exciting contest!” (Taken from website)