Me at Ohio State.

(1A) #1

on Saturday i went to the Ohio State Yoyo Competition and I got eighth place out of 37.  I have noticed a lot of things I can work on to get better at competition, but I was wondering if any one on the forum can give me constructive criticism. Thank you.

(DOGS) #2

Nice performance. Very solid, with nice recurring themes. There were a few more follow to hooks than I would have preferred, but I can dig. The hops were a touch shaky, but isn’t anyone a bit shaky on stage? You looked a bit nervous, but handled yourself very well.

How did you feel up there? How many times have you done this?

(1A) #3

Thank you. I’ll work on that. This is my second competition. my friend also told me that i had to many lacerations so i will try to do that follow and hook less for the sake of point.

(M²) #4

Only 37 people came… that’s less than last year…
Good performance though, the only thing I can add, is if you are going to do follows, you might want to try landing them in something other than a hook.

(1A) #5

I’m sorry but it turns out i got ninth not eighth