Ohio States 2010- Me

This was my second contest. I’m a lot happier with this than my MER routine, but there’s still A LOT of room for improvement. I had a great time! Can’t for till next year!

Ohio State Yoyo Contest 2010- Me- 6th overall- 2nd in state:


Awesome job! BTW, Rise Against FTW :slight_smile:


All jokes aside, that was pretty good. You may want to do more frontstyle, since just doing sidestyle combo after sidestyle combo got repetitive near the end.

It got repedetive at the end because I was only ready for 2 minutes of freestyle. I had to make up the last minute as I went and I was really trying not to do anything that would cause me to switch yoyos.

I didn’t get see you perform but I remember that song. Oh do you know that one guys name who had the Justin Bieber song because I need to talk some sense into him.

I dunn owho that was, but me and like 10 other people in the hallway started singing along XD

I think that we need to find out who all is going next yera, and have EVERYBODY use the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. That’d be awesome!

That was great, just one question, what do you mean by 6th overall 2nd it state?

The top 4 people (Sebby, Chris, Connor, and Kevin) all Beat Alex Love (state champ) and I, and those 4 are from out of state.

Really nice, and I like your fast play a lot. But I think it would be better if you did more body tricks, you know, like maybe like behind the back or under the leg, you know, that kind of stuff. I see you did some, but more wouldn’t hurt. :wink: :wink:

bad quality but good video.

I don’t know what happened with the quality. That’s the what lighting actually looked like in there (it was really dark) but it was recorded on a HD camcorder so I dunno what happened to it.