Sorry the video quality isn’t the best, but It’s the best i could do!

Won first place, and beat out all the other competitors by at least 10 points.  Very proud with how i did, thanks guys for all the support.


Thanx so much for posting this so we all get the chance to witness your winning performance. And a winning performance it was! Very smooth execution with great control and impressive speed. There’s one thing for sure, we are just now crossing the threshold into watching JohnnyJ competitive freestyle combos.

Again, congratulations. We are all very proud of how you did as well. Great job!


Nicely done!

(SR) #4

That was freaking great… beautiful yoyoing. I love you style.




Thanks dude! That means a lot coming from you actually, because of how long you’ve been here and all, you know a lot! Thanks man!

(SR) #7

And the funny part about that is you’re still better than me.



Rad. Congrats, you’ve got a bright future in yoyoing :wink:


Congrats that was awsome!


bump :slight_smile:


Nice dude, love your style. Neon string might make it easier to see the tricks, just FYI.


i was using dragons, and they only come in white :slight_smile:


Maybe complain to the makers that they don’t come in neon colors, or change your string :wink:


Dude great job I watched you do this in person. You was a natural with the crowd, no fear. I got nervous and ended up backing out being my first time too. I have only been throwing for about 4 months and I guess I was not confident in my skill. It takes a lot of guts to go up your first time,guts that I did not have but I honor you in your performance It looked like you have been doing it for a while!


Great job man. That was a very clean performance.


Tony has allready addressed that issue, he says that they just don’t play the same when made of colored thread. So white is what it will remain and they are amazing strings, all I will ever use.

Also back on topic, that was pretty sick man. Great performance and you definitly deserved 1st.


to be honest, I almost threw up i was so nervous. I was absolutely FREAKING. I’m glad that it didn’t show though, and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I would never change out of Dragons, they are the only string i would ever fathom using in competition. If you haven’t tried them, you really should bro!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! they mean a ton!

(UmeNagisa) #18

Haha, glad the dragons I sent did you good!

And honestly I’m not a fan of toxic strings
That slick feel irritates my skin!


What’s a sport freestyle?


like an amateur division freestyle.