My First Yoyo Competition

Any input or creative critiscisms will be greatly appreciated, this is not my best work but merely stuff I was comfortable with on stage. : D


Hey congrats! The first big hurdle is getting up there and doing it!

My suggestion would be to do stuff you are not comfortable with on stage. High risk=High reward!

First is always the hardest. My first was terrible

Nice job! Routine looked good!

@CodingHorror Thanks, I was pretty nervous.

@gcoommans I know but all of the cool tricks I know are Tyler Vienneau’s and I wanted to do original stuff.

@Marm Just tell me your name and I can look up the freestyle, that is a lot easier than my original idea. :smiley:

That was fantastic! Greeeeaaaaat job!!!

I would not say “High Risk=High Reward”. Since there is high risk, u will most likely mess up. Consistency is still better than Risk


That was real gud! I would recommend not having much pauses because that would reduce your time of doing tricks though. WAY WAY better than my first contest freestyle though, messed up on everything lol. How long have you been yoyoing? I was yoyoing for 4-5 months when i joined my first competition.

It’s not on YouTube

Agreed. But I’m tossing that out the window for my next one and I’m doing my hardest tricks

Yeah, maybe high risk is more for throwing with homies and not a first competition. I will never compete and if I did I would not try something with a great risk of failure which people would remember more than the successfully executed tricks. People remember fails way more than successes which is why people do not post videos on youtube of people NOT slipping on an icy sidewalk. Maybe I’m wrong.