My freestyle


So just tell me what you think.Completely open to constructive criticism.
I was having playback issues today with the finals but that might just be me.


I saw you at the contest, you did really good!


Wish, your really good. If I had to say something that you have to improve on, is probably be more like enthusiastic or something, it do more dangerous tricks :slight_smile: but yours are already awesome!


You your self sir great as well


What did you mean by “wish”


Oh, lol meant woah!


You did good and you have a fantastic taste in music !!


thank you it means a lot.but like I said what could I do to have stronger,better freestyles that score higher?


Its hard to say, your already really good! What I try to do is put a little bit of everything in my performances (if I ever do perform XD), I mean do some horizontal, some whips, slacks, you already have gt’s,also some hops, etc. It looks a bit nicer to do stuff like that.


Horizontal will score much higher than “normal” tricks, due to the difficulty of playing horizontal.

So yeah.



well I just came up with a new horizontal finger grind neck thing that should be a good banger.


I thought you did really well man. The finals vid didn’t work so I am judging off the prelims vid. Definitely enjoying your style, I think if you incorporated some more slack tricks it would look really good with everything else you do!

Nice job!


Yeah nice job Big Boy! :wink:


The finals video was working today so i’d watch that one if you haven’t,had some more original tricks.


Wow! That was a really great freestyle! Your style is really cool and flowy.


I’ve been hearing That a lot. Apparently I have a very chill style.

(kclejeune) #17

Yes, hearing Thor is important indeed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Jei Cheetah) #18

You tend to pause between elements. Your movement in between elements are very smooth, but the pauses here and there cause a disturbance.
You have a good natural style, fits your body motions well and doesn’t feel forced.
Ignore what that other person said about horizontal. Unless the horizontal is something truly unique and difficult, its a waste of time. Horizontals are too overdone anyways.
I saw some Alex Berenguel influence in there? If that’s the case, major props to you, one of my fave players.

Good stuff, I see much future in you.



I fixed it calm down


Thank you,it really means a lot coming from someone as good as yourself.I have to ask,where do you see the Berenguel influence? I can kinda understand where you get that now looking at it.But could you like tell me the times in which I paused,so I could smooth those tricks out.It may have been because of nerves.