1 minute freestyle with the puffin* please watch NEED feedback*

Personally i think you should have done this for the Zorro Contest.

I thought this one looked horrible compared to my submission

No… perhaps a few more mess-ups but better tricks.

which one had better tricks?

:o WOAH! I didn’t see you do that stuff at VA states! I should have spent less time trading and more time watching!

Great freestyle dude.

This one.


Wow! That was really good! Only thing I would change is I would try to alter one of the the Jade whip to brent stoles because you’ll only be scored on the same trick once.

Definitely like what I saw! You have some very strong trick building I can see.
Overall, the speed and flow is definitely there.

I think you would definitely benefit from some exploration of other mounts and connecting points to other holds and elements. I noticed that quite a few times you found yourself back into a 1.5 mount or some variant of it. Nothing wrong with it, but to add some variety to your combos and things that make it stand out, other sort of mounts and transitions would definitely help you out.

The bit starting at 32 seemed a bit rough to me. It wasn’t a mistake but it interrupted the flow of the entire combo with a change of speed and direction change that didn’t seem to fit in with the flow of the rest of the combo.

I like where its going, and I think your slack control is very good, maybe find some other ways to implement your slack work into the combo instead of just throwing it in as it seemed.

Great work. Looking forward to see where it goes!