my 1 min freestyle

it was the the longest freestyle of my life!

Lol that was like 3 binds but alot of tricks put together i bet. I want to go to my frist compitition. I will have to make a freestyle. How do you remember this stuff?!?!

Basically, you memorize what you want to start and end with. After that, you just have a general idea of what you want to do.

yeah his right! i practiced it for 1 month. actually its 2 throw tricks but kinda messed up on second one. 1 min is so very hard cause you dont have time for mistakes. plus the way that i throw, the yoyo sometimes suck the string but i always manage to find a way to get it done. i came in 1st place at the elimantion(1min) and second in the finals. :wink:

I’m practicing my freestyle. It’s hard. I coulden’t remember some of the tricks. I’m still working on it.

This is mine so far.

Soiled Panties
cheese nips
jade whip
1.5 suicide
My friend Rudy’s trick.
JADE WHIP COMBO! (which is very hard)

I don’t think it’s too good but, what ever. Btw my friend Rudy’s trick is a slack to whip trick. It’s cool.

Make a video of it soon! I’d love to see it lol

Okay. I’ll do it soon. But i can’t do the hole trick of Soiled Panties. Just the beggining so that’s what i’m going to do. I might mess up in the video but, oh well.

Which combo is Rudy’s? He didn’t tell me yet, and we talk a lot, lol. We are actually gonna make a video together soon.

Anyway, if you are planning to compete, make sure your tricks flow together, Steven. If you do part of Soiled Panties, then a GT, then it isnt really flowing, and make sure you don’t change the direction of the yoyo too much. Well, thats the advice Augie gave me.

It’s where you go into a wrist mount grap a string and slack then whip over to your nonthrowhand and bounce the yoyo on the bottom string closest to your throw hand drop everything on your nonthrowhand and your back in a wrist mount.

Oh yeah, that was Abe’s.

Well the name is just something that came from what we we’re called in school. We didn’t just decide to make that up one day… we just wore a lot of FSAS, Zoo York, DC, and that type stuff so everyone called us the “Famous” boys. I didn’t expect everyone here to think it was great or anything, but that was like 40 seconds out of 10 minutes. It gets better.

But I like criticism. What would you suggest to make it better? >:(

Please look at the date before you post.

yes please