My 5A at Georgia States

Well, finally got this video up. I could have done a lot better, but I was under so much pressure that I lost it. In my opinion, my freestyle was well put together, but it did need some better elements, so expect a better on next time.

Tell me what you guys think.


I thought it was pretty good man. Way better than anything I could do. I still haven’t ever put a counterweight onto one of my yoyos.

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What do you guys think I could do to improve?

Personally, I really like redirection tricks e.g Miggy’s Pride or Kumite, Tyler’s Infinite redirection.
Maybe a few simple tanglers?
Electric fan tricks also get you nice points.
The horizontal was quite enjoyable.

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Yes, I can not quite do those yet, but I saw those as must learn eventually tricks.

Also, about the horizontal, thanks. Unfortunately, in practice I could get it almost entirely horizontal and it looked really good, but oh well. Still get a few cheers for that one which upped my spirits a ton.