my stupid mess up at dxl

i put this there to tell people to be careful that getting information isn’t really that hard

I just found out how you did it. Thank god, I’m the only one who can see it. But that is creepy. Apparently they’re making a new one that can find out where you live!

that is old trust me

I just notice that david ung looks more calm then me
I better calm down ;D

Kim, I like your style cuz its slower so I can actually make out what ur doing and dacklink, you were amazing, all i gotta say…

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thanks I thought I was bad

Man, Kim during your preformance the wind was crazy. That musta sucked…

You both did really good!

why everyone say I was good
I messed up like the title
I wasn’t satisfied

i thought u two did great! and go organizer

O yea and btw his name is Gerard, I think it just sounds weird to call him organizer :stuck_out_tongue:

o thanks

Eh, call me whatever…

Fun contest. I don’t know why you think you sucked, I told you I liked your tricks. Tan and I thought you were going to pull it out.

does anyone have a vid of gerard in the finals? i want to see xD

click on my video twice and click on the youtube profile
it has mostly of it ;D ;D

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thanx lol Gerard was dancing in the background he did really nice. Paul messed up a couple of times but he was amazing to xD

I’m in there too. :frowning:
I messed up too much, I stopped thinking the song was over, and just starting doing random tricks at the end…Im probably gonna stick to 5a from now on…

stop following me >:( ;D ;D
you go on the same forums I go to after you see me in one
I just want to make a joke ;D ;D ;D ;D
I am bored when I made this post

Gerard, ure so asome and cool and ASOMEEEEEEEEEE!!! u should’ve won u where having more fun then HE WAS \