5a vids up!!!!




Where’s Tyler Severance? ???

he did not place… :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

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Sorry I pressed that thank you button by accident. Tyler got like 5th or 6th place I think. Samm Scott should have won IMO.

Tyler got 4th. I think he should of placed like 2nd IMO.

I’m kinda torn about this because I really love tylers yoyoing but his worlds freestyle was just terrible. Seems like he really wasn’t trying.

Now that I think of it, I agree. He failed a lot and kinda looked sloppy. Maybe just having a bad day, but I still don’t think he did terrible though. IMO

Yeah, he can never really do “terrible” considering the fact that he’s Tyler Severance, but I really did expect a lot more. New tricks, more accuracy, etc.

maybe like 3rd or 2nd but not first

i hate the kid who took first…

why ??? ??? ???

Because, hes really arrogant. Just like Jensen Kimmitt :stuck_out_tongue:

More or less confident than arrogant. Riling up the crowd is always a good thing to do, whether you beckon them or impress them with a trick.

Not to mention you’re talking about two very technical players. Their freestyles have the potential to get very old very quickly. Crowd control is always needed, even if it means keeping a cool swagger like Jensen or asking the crowd directly like Takeshi.

i agree with not liking who he doesn’t like they look to regular and arrogant

i just cant understand it haha

I think some crowd control was needed on the arrogant guy in the audience screaming in the first video. >:(