Samad Patel in BLC :D

Nice one yo!~

Yeah I saw it. A couple of mess-ups, but still pretty awesome.

I was there, and it seemed he performed better in person, lol.

Must be something with the angle.

Yoyoing always looks better in person,

Awesome Samad!

It is for fun, not for a prize. (But a prize is good…)

But good job!

Nice Samad im not sure if this is your first freestyle but im pretty sure it is…anyway real good job man :slight_smile:

Nice Shirt :smiley:

For wearing the shirt, You are the awesome Samad.

Seemed like He messed up alot. Still awesome though! :o

Oh my gosh! I did so horrible. I was too nervous, but I know now what to improve on.

Bad video :stuck_out_tongue:

He may have failed, but he is extremely good looking - Samad

Man, you’ve gotten faster!

Nah, you did great, yoyoers are nervous all the time in every yoyo contest. So, don’t be ashamed, its just your first time to compete. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

Yeah, everyone gets nervous on stage. Nice job, btw.

I’m always nervous on stage
that is why my hands are always sticky

[quote=“gm user,post:11,topic:4960”]

I was there, and he did better than anything I could do. Good job, Samad!

Yeah that video sucked, sorry about that - I was manning two cameras and talking to people at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus I had a hard time keeping up with your awesome moves. :smiley:

I think you started out a little too fast due to excitement, but then settled down and got better. Nice job!

He was good (IMO). And I love those shoes with those skinny jeans. ;D

Skinny jeans cut off your circulation and lead to bad leg probabms, as well as clots, and other effects.

I don’t like them. It looks good on Samad though.