Samad Patel in BLC :D

Wow Samad… I’ve been yoyoing for half as long as you but am no where near half as good…

Just give it a year and you’ll be a nats…

good job

The first time I performed was at the IYYO I was nervous but did my best and I won. ;D

I’m still better than you. :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding.
You rushed a lot though. :-
Also, it wasn’t his first time competing.

Why was that even necessary?

It actually was. My first time was not planned, nor was it intentional.

He didnt fail at all he did great but he must have been nervous because ive never seen him miss so many times, also Samad it seemed like you did that trick you were practicing at school.

lol at first i thought well the obvious on your comment which gender r u gm?

He is a boy, but I can see that you do not understand the reference gm user is using.

Yeah, I should have put it in a quote box.