Step over samad patel

I am better than samad patel. step over josh yee. Here i come Yuuki. Im the king

god i have never been so bored watching a yoyo video that claims to be good. do you know what might make people believe that you are better than these people? if we could see the tricks. maybe your tricks are better than samad, or maybe you have been yoyoing for longer than josh (doubt). it doesn’t mean anything if you are cocky about it and then show a bad quality video.

if you are trying to be sponsored, about 40% has to do with skill. the rest is what you do for the community, how much you can offer, and how good of a person are you. cocky is a bad thing. video quality sucked. don’t be that guy.

Cause i dont have money to get a 400$ camera i suck?

While the tricks were decent… what have they ever done to you? Don’t bash other yoyoers unless they’ve done something terrible… and maybe not even then.

I would really appreciate it if your tricks were easier to see in the first video. Also, while I do applaud you for thinking of your own combinations, you should really push yourself to innovate, make up totally new things. I trust that you can do a double or nothing. I really just want to see the NEW stuff that’s in there. There was some of it, but we couldn’t see it amongst all of the mount transitions and the like.

Guys, I think he was just joking. I don’t think he was really bashing Josh and me.

Nice tricks! I like how they flowed really well together. :slight_smile:


We have a winner, that was to attract views. I will never be as good as you or your josh

ok. just a tip: Dont do anything much to attract views, or else you will be flamed. i dont just mean what you did, even something like **OMG NEW AMAZING MUST SEE VIDEO OMG is enough to get flamed. please for the love of what ever are your religious views, at least say “just joking”.

and i just meant that a camera will help us be able to see how good you really are. the quality was pretty suckish.

NIce,but not better then samad i just saw him in the socal yoyo contest he was really good.


Justin Bieber fan? OK, back on topic. I knew you were joking, but anyways nice tricks. But truly said, make up stuff, don’t just combine it all together