General-Yo Loves YoYoExpert


Requested by Ernie, created by me.
A video commemorating the business relationship between YoYoExpert and General-Yo. :slight_smile: Here it is:

(SR) #2

Samad that was beast. General-Yo and YYE FTW!


I really liked the video Samad. :slight_smile: Really nice yoyoing too.


nice vid


Great video. :slight_smile:

(202andrew) #6

samad, your videos are always so good.


nice vid

(M²) #8

nice, very back and forth…-y… You know i never asked samad, how long have you been yoyoing?


Two years this coming June 4. :wink:

(Johnny rocks!!!) #10

Samad, your my fav yoyoer!

nohomo :smiley:

(JM) #11

You’re getting so good that you need a new camera!

Great Vid.

(M²) #12

wow, i thought it was longer than that, but jm makes a good point, might be time for a new camera. One more thing what was the song?!?


12:51 by The Strokes.

Why do I need a new camera?

(JM) #14

You’re speed and skill are getting to a point where your viewers would benefit from a camera with a higher framerate.

Not a requirement, but it would make cool vids even better.

Kinda like watching the SuperBowl on a tube TV vs watching it in HD on an HDTV. Sweetness just got sweeter.

(M²) #15

I find the commercials better than the actuall game… but i’m not a big football game.

(LookAYoYo) #16

ha so true

but great vid samad. 1 thing you should have done was wear a yye shirt with a general yo sticker on it or vis versa.


Yeah, makes sense. But I lack the fundage, so we’re staying low quality. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jamesofyoyo) #18

That was really tight! :slight_smile:


Heaps good vid