Samad Patel - No Consolation Prizes

Filmed on a Canon HF20 over the course of three weeks. Edited on Sony Vegas Pro 10.0.

Two Door Cinema Club - Impatience is a Virtue
Phoenix - Consolation Prizes
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

YoYos Used:
General-Yo - Essence
General-Yo - Hatrick
General-Yo - 5Star
General-Yo - Mini-Star

Enjoy in 1080p!

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Oh you fancy huh.

That was pure epicness. The quality was amazing, the editing was superb, your tricks were magnificient, best video. Evarr.



that was ur best viseo yet its so good i actually uploaded to my yoyo blog here :wink: Thank u !!!

I will never stop being amazed by your yoyoing.

As usual you deliver top notch tricks along side some top notch editing! Awesome job dude!

As usual I enjoy your videos from an editing standpoint, but I can’t say your yoyoing appeals to me. This means nothing against your yoyoing, becasue I know many people enjoy the way you yoyo, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I dunno I guess I’m just talking about my yoyoing preferences now :wink:

Looking foward to your next video nonetheless.

How are you so awesome?

I enjoyed it very much in 1080p!!
What string was it? It looked awesome!

Yellow highlights and yellow #82 string.

Once again Samad, I am wowed by your yoyoing. Inspirational? Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, how’s it been?

his style reminds me of a cross between jensen and yukki… I don’t know y… BUT ITS AWESOME ;D ;D ;D

great video. D: ineeda go find a cracked version of sony vegas pro now.

No Samad

??? ???

TEACH ME IN YOUR WAYS! :smiley: Great Video, Kepp it up and Ill seeyah When you win worlds ;D

Thanks guys!