My YoYoeXpert Dedication: (10 Reasons I....)


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Well, as you guys may know, I absolutely love the site. I recently became the first “forum eXpert” and I was up one night thinking that I really wanted to show my dedication to YoYoeXpert a bit more. I simply came up with this. I asked André for permission, and when he granted it, I got to work.

I personally think this is my best video so far. Not for the tricks, but this holds a collection of my best works in editing despite that its only Windows Movie Maker, tricks, and a combination of the outdoors, and my trusty old dark blue “movie making shirt.” It is true that I have made several videos with that shirt Not because I dont have others, but I have several “all colored” shirts that I feel are great for filming.

As stated, I began to take a little bit more effort in my editing. Its not much, but hopefully you see what I’ve done and enjoy it a little more. And as always, thanks for watching. Make sure you comment, rate, and subscribe. Also, because I am on spring break, I will be uploading a video every day this week =D

Look near the end. I think you’ll find something we all like  :wink:

This video was to just show my dedication to YoYoeXpert. I love you guys, and I hope to never leave.


All I can say is…that is a fantastic video man. Very creative combo’s!! That’s my main problem is I lack that creativity.

OldSchool <------UBER IMPRESSED!!

P.S. Nice GrawrD dance towards the end. I think it should be a requirement we put that in every vid :slight_smile:

(Jerry) #3

Awesome vid Samad ;D ;D ;D

really nice combos and i share your reasons for liking yoyos so much :wink:


Man that was a cool vid, you rock at yoyoing! Btw, you seriously look like a ninja at certain parts of the vid rofl ;D

(JonasK) #5

As a lot of people above have said, great video. This will really atrract some more people to the site, which is great.

(Connor) #6

This was awesome Samad!!! ;D


same problem :smiley:

awsome video


I watched it and I LOVED it.

If you need MORE dedicating then I should be kicked out for no dedication. As oldschool said I cant come up with tricks on my own. Thats why I havent yo-ed in the last few days.

Great Job 


(Jeromy K.) #9

That made me cry I didn’t know you loved the site so much. Good work Sir you rock. I’m impressed when I grow up I want to be like Samad oh wait I am grown up Oh well that was good. ;D ;D ;D


that was awsome i hope i could be as good as you soon! :smiley:

(rewand0) #11

I like it. The editing was good. The way you put the words in the right places must have taken some time. But overall better than me and nice smooth style.


one of ur best vids IMO


Then you’re gonna really like the next one



cant wait for it!


Now im gonna be on youtube every 2 minutes checking…


Haha, I just started working on it today! I’ll give you a heads up the day I’m gonna upload it Evan. I’m nowhere near done! :wink:

(yokaiyo) #17

That was awesome Samad.

keep spinning