Music made me want to turn it off, but I really liked the yoyoing, and I think you’re getting really good! ;D Was the yoyo a Punchline? ???



Nope, thats a SPYY Addict.



I knew it was something Spyy!


That was one of the best videos I have seen in a very long time. Well planned, great theme, nice editing, setting, and fantastic tricks. Inspiration for days.


Thanks so much Samad, really means a lot.


(Jei Cheetah) #7

Nice trick, angles and editing was nice, but the continuity seemed jumpy in places. But definitely a good video, The film quality is great by the way GRAMABOBULAR WITH SOMETHING UNDESERVED.





Thanks Jawsh. Really means a lot coming from one of my inspirations.



The Tube is Up


Thanks so much, Gentry.


i liked the music it was very calming, and the tricks where great, so yeah nice vid and music




i loved how you moved around and it wasn’t just one shot of you doing 8 million tricks!

loved the video

loved the tricks

good job! ;D



(_|@<06) #16

Agreed. I really like your style, resembles mine quite a lot! or maybe im like you…i wont get into that arguement lol how long you been throwing?


Bout a Year and Two Months


great video. almost like watching a movie


Nice :o

1:22 should be called chop hops ::slight_smile:


I think I’ve said this somewhere already, but the video was really good.

Nice, smooth style you have.