EDIT: Straight Out Badbuttery (:P) and Windy!



Fun little video Luke Klosterman and I (Samad Patel) made at the Riverside meet. Enjoy!

EDIT! I just filmed another video today, so here it is:



(202andrew) #3

mini star! I love general-yo. Can’t wait until they come out with the mini star. That was a really cool video. Samad, you are one of my favorites!


i like the little dude… oh and you!


Samad your tricks are slick!


Awesome video bro! Keep rocking that general yo shirt!


SAM YOU LOOK OLDER… great skill guys! :-*


DUDE! You are so good! How long have you been yoyoing?

(M²) #9

well he is sponserd by general yo… i don’t know exactly how long he’s been throwing though…