Don't Fade


New video I made over spring break:


Dang Samad, Looking good man! Was that your brother at the end? All I know is that was hilarious.
Keep it up Samad!


Really good video.
I especially liked your second combo trick thing


Nope, my brother isn’t asian. :stuck_out_tongue: 'Twas my best friend Justin Tran.


Haha my bad. That’s cool man.


LOL were you on the roof?!?


Yeah, the roof of my old elementary school.

(Kei) #8

Great vid as always. How much General-yo yoyos do you have?


Just three. Two Hatricks and a 5Star. And, hopefully, the next yoyos Ernie puts out. :slight_smile:

(BaileyT) #10

Awesome vid, I bask in your yoyo excelence ;D



Samad, you’re a bad man.


Bud you need to shorten your string a bit :-* nah just joking ,that woz punk rock just turned pro in my eye’s!

(Zach Smith) #13

dude, Samad, respect man. You got mad flow, and your style intrigues me more and more everytime i see. Keep doing what you’re doing man. :slight_smile: