Don't Fade

New video I made over spring break:

Dang Samad, Looking good man! Was that your brother at the end? All I know is that was hilarious.
Keep it up Samad!

Really good video.
I especially liked your second combo trick thing

Nope, my brother isn’t asian. :stuck_out_tongue: 'Twas my best friend Justin Tran.

Haha my bad. That’s cool man.

LOL were you on the roof?!?

Yeah, the roof of my old elementary school.

Great vid as always. How much General-yo yoyos do you have?

Just three. Two Hatricks and a 5Star. And, hopefully, the next yoyos Ernie puts out. :slight_smile:

Awesome vid, I bask in your yoyo excelence ;D


Samad, you’re a bad man.

Bud you need to shorten your string a bit :-* nah just joking ,that woz punk rock just turned pro in my eye’s!

dude, Samad, respect man. You got mad flow, and your style intrigues me more and more everytime i see. Keep doing what you’re doing man. :slight_smile: