Up up and away

Fun video Matt made today:

A reminder that yoyoing is fun.

It was actually pretty funny when Samad did that… You know… Finger?. :o

I can dig. I’ve seen better tricks come out of Samad, but that was fun! And thats whats its all about.

Don’t forget to put your shoes on the sit hole.

a fun little side to Samad ive never seen… jumping up and down? Really? ;D an elightenment in a world of real serious yoers. lol

where did you get the red i.

I got it from justin, who got it from samad, who got it from alex.

I swear to god that you have a green screen!!!

yoyos are very serious business…very serious :wink:

that vid looked like a lot of fun, and thats what it’s all about.

I swear to Buddha We Didn’t!!!


I Swear to JAVA COFFEE we didn’t.

holy crap samad dhow could you say such a thing!!!..Hades is waiting!!! ;D

Okay! Okay! I believe you!

awesome stuff!!! it was all too fun to watch! you guys made me laugh and smirk quite a bit while i was watching this! plus those GT suicides matt did were pretty spiffy! ;D

Very nice! I love the revolutions randomly throughout the whole video! Made me laugh lol whats the song?

P.S. i really want an i…

Up up and away by Kid cudi!
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