Not Easily Authentic


Let me know what you think!



Even with the injury you play amazingly!


Amazing tricks even because of the injury you still cant stop amazing me


Cool video! And you arm look fine when you throw some yoyos. :slight_smile:
Four years ago, I was practicing to fight with the other guys in Tae-Kwon-Do, and my opponent kicked my front knuckles and my wrist bone broke, and had a cast like yours.

Happy Throwing! =]


it is official your better than me


Me to! I don’t know about 4a though…

(Jeromy K.) #7

Very good for a cripple, you can still beat me with a messed up wrist. Nice Hatrick I’m jealous.

(202andrew) #8

that was :slight_smile: :slight_smile: inspireing. I love it.


Sweet vid!

Favorite one was the last trick.
You must be some sort of yoyo superhero, nothing stops you! :smiley:


sweet it looks like you better with the cast on

(Yo!It'sMatt) #11

We still to make our video. xD



Now learn some 2A!

(SR) #13

Even with your injury, you are still on top of it. Amazing video.


Wish I had a cast on my left hand instead of my right hand.


Nice love it!! How did you get a hat trick already?? Is there something you should be telling us like genral-yo sponsorship??


Nothing of the sort. I simply called Ernie up, and asked if I could buy it. :wink:


I did the same thing :wink:

Loved the video, although this is the FOURTH yoyo video I know of that uses this song xD

(Waylon) #18

Samad, that was ninja-riffic. The last time I saw one of your vids it was a while ago… you were smooth but not all that fast. Now, you’re the total package. With a cast even. You rule.


samad is offically the awesome


Trully amazing, even with the cast! ;D