Mad 5A

Sorry… I  Forgot about YYE ???




Forgot to add in the end credits: Special Thanks to Cesar Soto for helping me out with recording.

My favorite 5A video!

Amazing Juan!

For real. This video is incredible.

You deserve the Madhouse sponsorship.

wow…you are really good :o :o

Lets kill him.

jk, great video! makes me want to throw 5a, but i cant even yoyo :’(

Awesome 5A!

It was like…super-beastly-couterweighting…

That’s Awesome. 5A man ;D

amazing 5a dude

HOLY COW!!! :o Dude that was sweet!
Did you ever drop the yoyo in the water while trying to film?

Samad why can’t you yo-yo???

He fractured his wrist.

:-\Thats too bad…was it from yoyoing?

nope. im not that bad at yoyoing that i break bones :stuck_out_tongue:

nice 5A dude! makes me want to improve on my own 5A lack thereof skill

That was sick as always Juan. I don’t really like mad house but this kinda makes me wanna throw one.

OK i am officially your biggest fan
and I WILL fight Samad for this position

awesome juan, loved it