Milestone- My 2-Year Video


My 2-year video…
People always ask me how long Ive been yoyoing. Of course, I tell them, but until now I just realized how long I have been throwing.
Im actually pretty happy with it. Took me a good few hours to edit.
Hope you enjoy the video.


Hi Juan.
nice 5A video.


Thank you!


That was very nice, I like it!


that was a great video and good thing you can see your string i was looking at some others that all u could see was the yoyo


It was my favorite video from you, honestly. I liked the calm soothing music, and this video was one of the few that really made me want to get up and throw.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

So chill! Your style is so relaxing! :smiley:


Very nice. Just starting and am impressed with what you’re doing after a couple of years.


That was awesome! This is by far the best video you’ve made yet. I really liked the music and editing, plus your style has improved so much!

Great job sir! :slight_smile:


Thanks, man :slight_smile:


Best 5a ive seen EVER!


Hey, welcome to the forum!


You is awesome.

I are your big fan.


I recommended him :stuck_out_tongue:


I was the 4th one to see it when you put it up on youtube
great ;D


Wow great vid! I gotta keep working on my 5a :slight_smile: nice mellow music too :smiley:

(Johnny T) #17

Yea same here. Super smooth! Some great inspiration! I feel like throwing right now.

BTW Aren’t you scared of doing 5A on concrete since it can get dinged?


Probably not :slight_smile:

Juan is an amazing 5a-er, so he probably doesn’t drop it often. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care :stuck_out_tongue:


AWESOME!!! lol you’ve inspired me! im gunna have a go at 5a!

(Bradley Moss) #20

That was some awesome editing bro. Music was so perfect for this video. Extreme props to you!