Jake Elliott - One Drop Cascade

A very talented friend of mine wanted to make a video of me yoyoing, and this is what he came up with. Check it out!

Any feedback is appreciated.

Bro, you continue to amaze…

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That’s rock and roll, man. You don’t often see videos that good.


I just did the throwing. The real magic is in the editing.

Oh you so silly.

Wow! Really amazing skills, man! That 5a just blows me away…

Some of the coolest 5a I’ve ever seen.

You are awesome. Very well done.

You guys are all very flattering.

Well you’re good at throwing, what do you expect? :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy crap that was some amazing 5a!!!

Thanks Abby!

Better freehand than I could ever do. That was great. And whoever did the camera shots also did a great job.

Was that magic, or are you just magical?

That was fantastic - tricks, editing, yoyo, style, everything was incredible!

Thanks guys! Getting tons of positive reactions from lots of places (made a post on reddit). Might have to make another video!

Also, the video just jumped to 3.5k views… I posted it like 36 hours ago. Crazy for my first video ever.

Really awesome video. Great editing, and your 5A is like… Fantastic. Really, really great.

Do you realize that it’s at 7.5 k views now??!

I do! it’s completely crazy. Video isn’t even three days old yet.

Very well-made video and excellent yoyoing! :slight_smile:

Thanks Samad!