Jake Elliott - One Drop Cascade

This video makes me want to be good at 5a

Chasing my yoyo around the room makes me want to be good at 5a :slight_smile:

I’m going to be honest here I can only do 2 5a tricks stalls and pinwheel

I’m glad I was able to give you a little inspiration :slight_smile:

It got posted to yoyoskills, you are awesome so honored to hang out with you at MER

Thanks haha.

THATS CRAZY! Can’t believe it got posted to yoyoskills. Hopefully it’ll get some more attention!

Congratulations Jake.
Your video got posted on yoyoskills.


Wow, that was quite possibly the best 5A I have ever seen!

You are really good! You got some crazy stuff man!

Hey your the dude who tossed my sine\saw at MER and threw it across the room hahah! lol that was 2 funny, Man I love watching your skills on the casacade, to good!

Love the tricks keep it up homie

also really liked the overall chill feel of the video

Almost 10,000 views! Great video!

Such an honor seeing you take Nats man! Watching you practice so hard before you went on. Hope to see you take 5A at PNWR

Jake great seeing you in action again ! It was great hanging with you at Worlds and your killer at 5A !! I think of you as a Gunslinger !!! Keep it up Jake … Best Regards . Jim

I am the guy was with you when we talked to the Duncan Booth. And you my friend need no editing just a matter of time before you divide and conquer.