CODE 1 Throwing

Just recently got the One Drop CODE 1. Made a simple video to show of what it can do, which is pretty sick. It is currently my new yoyo of choice. Thanks to the yoyo community (YYN) and One Drop for developing a high level performance yoyo.
Song created on garageband

Holycrap, luke that was awesome!

…I am no match for Modern kids

Jeez kids these days are way to good haha :smiley:

Very good job, though I can tell it took you a couple takes as you were a bit exhausted at the end of the combos. No shame in that, nobody is perfect. I really dig it man, keep it up you rock.

Woah…Nice throwing!

I think i just got a little taste of heaven 0:)


Props for good vid and making your own music as well!

Thanks for all the great comments! I have to agree putridnebula on his comment


yeah nice video.

The future of yoyoing. :o

The level you have achieved here is something many of the throwers yoyoing for longer periods of time have not yet achieved, I am very impressed.
I see you going far in this,

good work.

man i want a code 1 :slight_smile: how long have you been throwing?

That is sooo good, and smooth. I enjoyed every second of it! :o

This means so much you guys!! I have been yoyoing for about 1.5 years

Maaaaan that was awesome, you’re so so so smooth!!!

You’re really good! Like the music you made. Keep it up man!

Saw this on high speed first. My jaw drops every time I watch it, you got skills. Awesome that you made your own song too.

Keep it up.

OK BEST SLACK WHIP COMBOS I HAVE EVER SEEN! That was amazing really good job! ;D