*MY BEST VIDEO YET!!!!* Please Watch!!


I’m reaaalllyyyy proud of this video. I really like it. I hope you like it too.
Yoyo used: One Drop X CLYW Summit
Song: Holiday by Vampire Weekend
Player: Andrew Garas
Film/Edit: Andrew Garas

Thanks for watching!


Stop being better than me or I’ll have to hurt you…


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This is awesome great job! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I appreciate it!


You are really talented, yoyokid! Really amazing skills! Great job and awesome video.


heck yeah lil bro! what editing program you use? I use splice on my phone, works really good! the only thing I hate is that I record video with my phone, but when I throw regularly im using my phone to listen to music… it sucks cause most of the songs on my phone I have synchronized combos to… and idk why I just shared that hahaha. good throwing bro!


Thanks! I use Windows Movie Maker currently. It’s not that good so I’ve been looking for an upgrade.


I dont know if you know this but OneDrop reposted this on Facebook :slight_smile:




Super entertaining. :smiley: Don’t ever stop being so expressive as you play! I liked the points you chose to come in and out of different clips, too. Nice editing. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Bump. :smiley:



Pretty sick tricks. Like your enthusiasm!




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What!? That, was, AWESOME!!


Thank you! I appreciate it!0


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