Nothin On ME.. My first edited video!!


Well, many of you know  that all my videos are just straight up throwing, due to the lack of editing software and a laptop. so i purchased a video editing app on my ipod and this is what i got!! Please comment, i would love to hear what you guys thinkk!! Love -YoRED <3


NICE job man! Really like the editing, well done, especially for an iPod app. Which app is it?


its called Splice, and thanks bro!! I really like it, think its my best one so far!! :smiley: soo happy :slight_smile: its about time i can edit. Right???


I don’t care what anyone says about you, your a sick with a yoyo, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters here bro. Keep it up!

And who is the song by?


Right on dude! I will check that app out as well. Check out SocialCam if you want a cool, hipster status video-sharing app (meaning it isn’t super mainstream, but sadly it will be when people find out about it)


Thanks man! I think im pretty good too Bro, but i could have done better for the video. the app is called splice, once you download it they give you a tutorial on how to use it, i skipped that tho and just figured it out. and the song is Nothin on We, by /chiddy Bang. i recomend everyone gets theyre albums, “breakfast” "the preview. they are both good albums, really good music to throw to :slight_smile:


I’ll defiantly check on that, thanks man!


No problem man! glad i could inspire new sounds for you!!


Your style is great. Smooth and fast enough to show confidence and control, but paced to have some swagger, like, “My throw is still spinning… no need to rush, it’ll still be spinning after the next combo, too.”

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Pretty dang good… your string looks really long haha.

What yoyo was used?


Very cool tricks man. Excellent video for being edited on an iphone.
That little zigzag boing thingy you do is so clean. Did you make that up?


Thanks Bro!! I dont really like moving too quick, due to spin outs and its easy to mess up. Thanks for sayin i got “style” haha I consider myself a lazy thrower, i like the same tricks over and over :slight_smile:

Thanks!! i realized that I like longer string, I used Highlights for 3 years, this past year i bought some g-string, and loved how i could pick my length, and it wasnt until i went to jail that i started making my own strings, i got really bored so i figured making strings would be a good way to pass time! and the throw is a pekka edition Avalanche :slight_smile: idk if its a comeback or not…

well james… if you are reffering to the trick from 1:8 to 1:09 thats just boingy boingy side ways, i did not make it up, just turned it 90 degrees, and if your refering to the trick from 2:04 to 2:10 that jason yees, figure 8. a fun trick… and yeah i was reallllllyy impressed with the app… Thanks again guys! boosted my confidence :smiley:


The one @ 1:08.

Side style boingy boing is still the same movement. The way you do it the boings are extremely shallow and the yoyo gradually moves vertically after every boing. It looks very cool that way.


Thanks man! Yeah it just happens like that, never looked at it that way! Im practicing for anothrr videi. Ima go ride my longboard to this spot and throw. Its gunna have longboarding in it, i might do a front flip too

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i loved it red!!! nice job! that string looked super long!


Haha thanks man and i like it long!

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Nice job man hope you do more!


Thanks guys :smiley:

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