My first video

Hey guys I was practicing earlier and thought I would record a little bit on my iPad I started throwing back in like October I think maybe November. Thanks for watching criticism is okay :slight_smile:

Hey! That was really good! The brentstole -> suicide were very smooth.
A tip for filmmaking: Don’t film horizontally. We get a nicer view of you and the tricks if you film vertical.
:smiley: And if you use a editing software (moviemaker, Imovie etc.) you can edit the mistakes away and film you tricks more than once.
Again, really nice video and impressive for only 7-8 months! Can’t wait to see more.

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good one m8, could u list up all names of tricks involved in first combo ? trick by trick kinda good one for beginers

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hell yeah man! that’s whats up! good stuff. I use splice on my iphone to edit videos, works good. except right now after I render the video, splice hasn’t put it in my camera roll. dunno whats up with thatttttt cause I just made a new video be sure to check it out here soon!

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Thanks for the compliment and tips man! I want to get a go pro right now I film using my iPad. It was horizontal tho thanks for the tip!

I will try and name them just give me a little bit. It wasn’t a combo but thanks for calling it that :slight_smile: appreciate it!

Dude I’ve been looking for a editing app! Thanks man. Appreciate you giving me feedback I wish I had more time to practice and make a better video. How have you been YoRED? Haven’t seen you in a while but maybe cause I haven’t been posting much. Do you know how I can post the video so it’s the video and not just a link?

I recommend using Imovie app for video editing. This is the type of stuff you can do with it:

Don’t mean to hjack the thread, if you want i can delete the video.

No not at all man I appreciate the tip!

yea splice does good and its easy to use. no prob on the feedback man! ive been alright, cant complain just enjoying my time on this side of the dirt haha. when I post videos after I upload them to youtube I just go to my channel, click the video it switches screens and starts playing, then I just copy and past the web address at the top (the place where you type www. blah blah haha) and it shows up on the thread as a video not a link. hope that helps!