Had a great day with Jordan(darkmagicII).

(For you all with embedded video problems in IOS7 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S0sTPg6Ynjg)

Both of them cant be watched on an ipod 4 with ios 6

So much fun guys. One of the best videos I’ve seen in weeks.

That was awesome! It’s great watching videos where people are having fun whilst throwing, and the whole scene with Jordan hitting the tree was hilarious. Fantastic video. :smiley:

What editing program did you use?

Other than that, nice video!

This was so fun to watch. Awesome job guys!

It makes me laugh over and over again. How is his head? Great job on the tricks and video.

Really? Hmmm…


I used iMovie!

Thankfully he hit his hands! He is feeling fine now.

fun! Also, I really like that trick at 2:06

Nicely done.

Awesome! This is really an awesome video! Wish I had some yoyo-ers in my area :confused:

Really good tricks and great editing.

UGHHH now I have no excuse to film out in the snow. Great video man, your videos are always A grade stuff. Great filming/editing all-around. You use a T3i correct?


My bro was using my nikon d5100 with a f/1.8 50mm.

I finally got to a computer and remembered to watch this. I love this video! People need to make more videos like this!

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