Videoing YoYoing

Hey I was wandering who videos yoyos and what do you use? cause I just sold my iPod Nano so I can get an iPod Touch 4G and was wandering if those are any good for videoing yoyoing? ^^ any input is nice ^^ cause it says hd videoing but I still not sure if it will be good for yoyoing…

if you want to film, get a camcorder, can’t do anything serious with a cell phone

at least get a pocket cam corder if you don’t want to spend much money

what you want is the widest angle possible, therefore avoid sony stuff as most of their basic products can’t really zoom out far enough (as far as I know)

I’m using a Canon Legria HFM306 which is fairly affordable and offers great performance and ease of use.
You need a decent computer to edit tho (I got a phenom II quad core and 8GB RAM, works fine, not awesome, fine)

you want to buy a tripod as well (at least) and if you really want to do something good, some lighting

You also want to check out photography tutorials in order to be able to actually “build” your scene in a beautiful way.

if you know what you’re doing, you could go for a DSLR with video features

if you begin, try a pocket cam, they’re fairly cheap and can have good results.

and by all means, forget about doing anything good with a cell phone

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well this is what I’m looking at getting…

becasue I would like to have something for music so just wandering overall for music  point and shoot and video shooting and a tad bit of editing…

Funny thing is, the iPod video shooting is surprisingly good. I have seen people make videos using it, overall good, but not great. If you want something cheap and good, look into buying a Kodak Zi8. Great camcorder and cheap

okay cool :slight_smile: thanks guys xD

well if you already took your decision, there’s really no point to ask anyone.

I too would like to have 1 device that does it all, music, internet, photo, video, coffee, webdesign, personal trainer, hairdresser, sportscar, home cinema and wing chun wooden dummy, but the reality is, if you want quality, you want separate things.

it took me 10 years to start video because I didn’t want to settle for “compromises” that didn’t “suit” the quality requirements I set for myself.

but if you think an ipod is good enough for you as a camcorder, by all means, buy one

but then, don’t ask for advice if you took your decision already

by all means, just do as you want

this is a RAW video file from the IPOD 4G

if you think the quality is good enough then go for it.

Yeah, nowadays, most of the cameras on phones are good enough to take proper videos.

I think aiptek has some good pocket cams.

okay cool :slight_smile:

Main thing to remember is if you are happy with what you get then that’s all that matters. Not everyone will make vids that rival motion picture quality.

It’s only your personal preference that matters. I got a canon powershot sx30is and it vids at the same video quality as your iPod touch 4g ( 720p HD ) which is very good but the only thing that u are missing is zooming during video but if you are just putting the iPod on the tripod thats fine. The sx30 though has an amazing 35x optical zoom on it so if you are going to be making vids with someone else behind the camera the sx30 is the way to go. The sx30 is 430$ from futureshop.

I’d rather stay, people who video have no idea about how to do it right so they only assume it’s ok, looking at the specs

how to compose a picture if you don’t have a proper zoom ?

of course, people who don’t have a clue on how to compose a picture will look at specs and say “it’s alright”, but the creativity tools are really lacking on “gadget camcorders”

so if you just want to film tricks, it’s alright, but if you want to actually create something with images, it’s not.

this is the problem, people saying it’s “good enough” while, truly, nothing should ever be “good enough” for someone who wants to create

Well good enough, or not, I personally would never make a yoyoing video with my iPod. In great lighting you can set it up to shoot alright, but if you want to go indoors then it would be difficult to get a good enough(Wait! Am I not allowed to say ‘good enough’?) you can’t really get a shot of acceptable quality.
I would just recommend getting a cheap camcorder. Something around $100 would work just fine. Yeah, its kind of a lot of money to dish out to make a yoyo video. But hey, you could use it for five million other things too, couldn’t you?
Also, make sure that your computer is adequate for video editing. Without a good computer, ehh… things can get really difficult.

I filmed this with a super cheap,(as in the cheapest point and shoot I could buy.) point and shoot camara.  I think I paid 50$ for the camara brand new.  My point?  just about camara with filming abilitys made in the last few years is capaible, you just need to keep the lighting good.  ;) 

knowledge, experience, talent can replace technology up to an extent

but then, someone with a tad bit of knowledge or experience wouldn’t ask if an ipod would be good to make videos.

The computer part is very important too, I know I have a Penom quad core and 8GB Ram and all that goes with it (fast HDs, good motherboard etc…) and it works just fine (I use premiere which is pretty heavy too, you could get away with 4GB, maybe 2GB RAM and another software)

if you just want to film a few tricks on the fly, go for it, if you want to actually learn to make vids, forget it.

Yea, if you just want to shoot the odd video here and there - pretty much any camera will do, most computers will be ok, and most software packages will be just fine - even standard ones like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

I only have 1GB Ram, sometimes it can be a bit slow, but I have no trouble putting videos together, even with mixing in sound layers, text, and some basic effects.

But, if you really want to get into it and do fancy things, you would need a camera where you can set your own focus, aperture, etc. Then for a professional program like Premier, I would guess you would need 4GB for it to work fairly smoothly - I can hardly even get Premier to load.

yea it’s more for on the go and I need something for my music too… I was originally gonna get a 3DS but decided on the iPod Touch 4G… anyways I’m used to using canon and nikon camera’s and I had an iPod nano that shot video and it did well for what I wanted to do with it… but now that I have the money for the iTouch and it’s newer I want to up my performance a bit, and I use an Intel Mac with the latest version of iMovie for the videos… so as long as it’s better than the iPod nano for now I’m good xP once I get better at making videos and do it more I’ll invest in something better maybe a Nikon D5100 or something… but right now I don’t have anywhere near enough money for that… xP

^ There’s a lot you can do with iMovie!

that’s basically it…its good for point and shoot type video’s but not really for a full length 3-4 min video with nice editing, angles, and music