iPhone Yo-Yo Video

So I recently got an iPhone 4 and wanted to test out it’s video capabilities so I bought the iMovie app and grabbed my buddy Cody to film and we wandered around my town for an hour and filmed some tricks I have been working on, this is the result. I’d love to know what you think, this isn’t my best work, my tricks are rough because I’m still working on them and haven’t been throwing as often since I got this job a month ago but they at least don’t look like the tricks I do in every video haha :slight_smile:

Have you ever made a yo-yo video on an iPhone or a Droid (or any phone really)? Would you share it below? I’d love to see what you came up with :slight_smile:

you have such a smooth style and awesome tricks. :wink:

Dig the music :wink:

Awesome video.

pretty freaking good for a phone.

mike pmed and i do use my phone

idk who is playing that sad excuse for music but it makes me sick to know people make money off of noises like that