Blue blanket

A yoyo video

Let me know what you think!


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And might I add an extra wow. Great job on getting the tangler down! And the iwasawa hook!

Dude, you are getting so good its not even funny. You are so good and your tricks are so smooth. I have watched the video 5 times now and each time I get more jealous of you awesomeness. Good Job Bro!

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Wow thanks guys!

that’s some slick 5a you got there. I’m going to throw some 5a right now hahaha

Dude very nice. Everything was so smooth, not choppy like me haha. :-X
Great video

Yea me too. Haha!


pure awesomeness :wink:

NICE!! Looks like you really want to join yoyofactory. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

i like that first trick best, and that 5a is pretty sick!

That was seriously one of the best 5a/1a videos I have ever seen! Nice job!