My First Yoyo Video


Hi  ;D


that was a nice vid!


thanks :smiley:


you can pres the thankyou button near the top
oh and you are welcome


Good Job Man Very Nice!


Sweet video dude, keep it up! :wink:

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #7

Im going to be honest the first trick seemed like you didn’t know what you were going to do (like you sorta winged it) but then I was blown away.

(M²) #8

wow, that was a great first video, smooth and fast. Maybe just one or two parts that were chopy, but really good. The only bad part really was that the music ended so abruptly :smiley:


yeah but i have to admit. the music was sweet.

(202andrew) #10

almost all your tricks are fantastic. Keep throwing! :smiley:

(_|@<06) #11

Wow. Like it. Alot. Keep it up!!!