my first yoyo video!

Hi guys this is my first yoyo video, enjoy.

Good job on the first video man

First of all, Welcome to YYE!

Nice 1st video. Some things you could improve on are some longer combos. You have great Metals that you could do wonders with. Now al you have to do is get it on film.
Another thing to work on is your music choice. I liked the song but I didn’t think it really fit well with what you did. Maybe some accustic stuff would be nice.
One last thing I want to mention is your trick variety. Throughout the video, I saw you landing Side Boing es constantly. You also seemed to do rather simple tricks, like Atomic Bomb, which worked ok, but work on getting more elements in your video and you’ll be great.

i <3 the emotion in your face. : |

dude, your good! i dont yoyo anymore so i wouldnt know that much