my first yo-yo video...

(Sensei Dave) #1

Constructive criticism is 8) very welcome, need pointers to improve. I want to compete at Z-games someday :slight_smile:


Cool tricks bro, I love the Duncan Raptor.


ok so ur actually pretty good 8). Something that ur gonna have to work on is when ur doing ur tricks try to keep the yoyo close to your torsoe and ur stressing ur arms too much. Try to have your arms as relaxed as possible, And when doing a boingy boingy you have to use your top hand and pull up and let down and not back and forth.

                      i hopeses i helpted     :D


i like the direction youre going with the more full body type moves… try and experiment more with that… also more technically advanced elements, and whips wouldnt hurt, but that comes naturally with practice…

all in all, you look good on camera, keep up the good work ^.^


Very cool man! You got some smoothness for sure! Plus, extra points for rockin’ the soul patch so hard!! Good job man!

(J. Lev) #6

Groovy :slight_smile:

You’ve got solid trick foundations going on, everything’s going well in that department. I give you boatloads of credit for doing it all in one shot as well.

Your moves can sometimes be disconnected, and trust me, we’re all guilty of that, just something to focus on. Also, start trying to branch out more; go beyond your familiar mounts and transitions.

Really solid first video mate :slight_smile: Hope to see you at Z-Games this year!!


For your first video that was very very good, nice and smooth. Most of the “my first vid” videos are nowhere as good as yours. Solid tricks and very smooth.