my new yoyo video


so this is my first yoyo video,it’s for an online contest so please tell me yours opinion

ps:i’m beginner  :smiley:

(Mi) #2

Nice. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


nice tricks


nice vid your making good progress


great vid, good progress in your journey towards yoyoing like a pro, and good music ;D

If i were to make a suggestion, now I know your a beginner, and dont think im being mean cuz im not, just some constructive ciritisizm, but, i know your just starting to yoyo, but try and work on making ur tricks smoother, and by that i mean by try and make them flow together, like the matrix, It’ll look A LOT cooler when it flows together, but other good job :slight_smile:


yep i know this ,practice practice and more practice
if you look closer on matrix i skip a step ,the suplimentar flip

i play with yoyo about 3 weeks so it’s good enough form me now ,
if i make a new video probably the tricks will look better caus’ i practice a lot but this video was allredy validate