5Yay... Eh?

This is what BLC was supposed to look like… Lol.

Yo-yos Used: CLYW- Brown w/Red Peak
-OgoPogo BearVs.Man

String: Chaos (I think?)

(If youre going to watch YT, HQ please)

Amazing, favorites, 5 stars.

You are very smooth, very awesome. Best 5A yoyoer of the forum!

Happy Throwing! =]

You can’t really say that.

Yeah, he has a LOT of skill, but best is a matter of opinion.


Happy Throwing! =]

So that was your opinion?

DUDEEEE i think i havent seen such a smooth 5a vid since miggys new one and also i think that you should go head to head with jon rob ;D

Super sick, super smooth, super smarmy, super special awesome. Three thumbs up. Props to you. Holy fish. Oh-so good. Man I loved it. Cool. 8) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.

Awesome video. You’re really smooth in 5A. Pretty sad to see a yoyo get dinged especially a metal… :’(
Good Job on the video though! :smiley:

Thanks. I dont really care though. I throw 5A… Therefore i drop my yoyos all the time. Lol

I love this vid!!! Some of the best 5a I have ever seen. I really like your style and your so smooth. You get better every time I see you. (i like that smile at the begining :D)

Great job dude!

awesome :slight_smile:

ya but the look on your face…

Had nothing to do with him dinging the yoyo.

Dude that was awsome

no really right when it leaves his hand pause it and he has an expresion of disgust

also what counterweight is he using?

I use dice. And yeah, Samads kinda right: The only thing that made me mad was the fact that i messed up. Lol.

oooooooooh k got ya ;D

He wasn’t sad b/c he dropped his yoyo, he was sad b/c he missed the trick…