new 5a trick

tell me what you think  :slight_smile:


I love the first part when you hold the yoyo and toss around the CW.

Too legit to quit? I think so! That was AWESOME!!!

Amazing trick!

That was pretty awesome. :smiley:

My mind is still trying to comprehend the trick I just saw.

awesome… I think ill try and learn it :slight_smile:

I loved it, but music would’ve been nice…


But i dont even care, that was one of the coolest 5A combos I’ve ever seen!

ahaha. sorry, i felt it was a tad short for a song. and thanks a lot man  :slight_smile:

True.  Maybe filming yourself doing the trick from different angles could fill in the spaces.

That was a AMAZING trick!.. The water features in your backyard aren’t too bad either. (I design swimming pools/water features for a living… not really sure why I felt I needed to share that)