Short but Sweet...5a Tutorials

Hey guys, this is my series of tutorials called “Short But Sweet”. It is a going to be a bunch of 5a tutorials of short tricks that I’ve made up, but still look very cool. Hope you guys like it!

Click on the video right after it starts playing and let it transfer you to youtube because some of the writing is too small to see here.

  1. Slaps

  1. Throw and Go

  1. Short 5a GT

COOL. That was really cool! keep it up.

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awsome!!! i will totely use this when i 5a

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That was such a cool trick. Keep it up, but I have some constructive crititism. Take the audio from your recorded video out, put some music in, and make the text bigger. Other wise, a great tutorial and trick!

The music is supposed to be in, it just isn’t uploaded yet. If it isn’t tomorrow I’ll try again.

Cool! Nice Trick,

Thanks for all the good feedback guys!

Sweet. I like the idea of what you’re doing.


Updated, working on the music. Sorry about the 2nd video in the middle where you can’t see the words. It says to let go of the counterweight and let the yoyo and counterweight flip over each other.

man the gt looked so much better in person, you gotta teach me some stuff next time :wink:

I never showed you that GT. The trick I showed you is too hard to explain in writing and it’s too long for this.

still what you showed me was sweet

I might try to make a tutorial for that but it won’t be in this thread.

awesome vids you should make more i subscribed on youtube

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those are sweet they look so cool but are pretty easy to learn.
i started 5A a week ago and practice these tricks

awesome! im gunna finally get round to trying 5a now! lol

Ummmm, can I bump this? I guess so. I might add some non-5a tutorials.

me want moar lol i can do slaps and the gt, havent tried the second. you gotta make a vid of what you showed me it was schveet ;D

awesome i was just about to ask for more 5A tricks 2!!