What is you guys' opinion on this?

(Jesse) #1

So today I was doing some of my really short 5a tricks that look pretty cool, and thought of something. I thought I could make a little series of short videos showing you guys the tricks and tutorials on how to do them. I would start a thread and update it whenever I make a new tutorial on it, I thought I would call it “Short but Sweet, 5a Tutorials”

Any thoughts on this?

(SR) #2

That would be cool! I would watch and learn them! I say go right ahead!


im gunna take up 5 a soon so itd help me!

(Jesse) #4

I might start up today if I keep getting positive feedback on it!


I’m sure that tutorial is gonna look great!

Happy Throwing! =]

(Jesse) #6

Trying to get thanks yous I see…It worked!


The thing about tutorials is that someone will learn from them. Even if its only one person then it was worth it. I say Kudos to you.

(marcusWsteadman) #8

Go for it it would be a big help for people learning 5A.

(Jesse) #9

Thanks for all the support guys, but not today. I tried but my camera is acting up.



I’m just saying in my thought.

Happy Throwing! =]

(Jesse) #11

Thanks for all the support guys, the official thread is up! This one is locked now…