5A tutorial series

i just remembered that i have not posted this here and it is a good thing to have on the major boards  you might have seen it if you are frequent on yyn.  the introduction does a pretty decent job of explaining what i will be going into.

If you are having trouble with one of the tricks please say so either say where your problem is or post a video of you doing the trick to the best of your abilities and i will try and find where your mistake is and how to fix it.  if there is a 5a trick you want to learn but are not sure how just post the name or a video of the trick here and i will make a tutorial for it(i will likely learn the trick and then make a tutorial if i do not already know it)  i will try to have the tutorial for the requested trick up in 1 week but if it is a hard trick and i do not already know it, it may take longer.  if you want to learn a trick that is not 5a just send me a message and i will do the same thing i play all 5 major styles at least a little should be able to help.  also i would like feed back so if you learned or did not learn a trick from my tutorials please leave a comment i appreciate knowing that these are actually benefiting someone or how to improve them in benefiting someone.


2h Tangler

Buko’s Green Triangle

Wrist Wraps


Jon Rob’s wrist mount stuff

1A Yuuki Slack

Edit: fixed the videos :stuck_out_tongue:

links wont work alll you have to do is post the link to the vid

thanks for pointing that out. ;D

ok it has been a couple weeks and i have a few tutorials planed this weekend i am more free this weekend than i will likely be all semester so if you have any requests for any styles i will get them up soon probably by Sunday.

it is too late to film today but i will have a couple shot tomorrow and will probably have them up tomorrow night.

again requests will be done sooner this weekend so now is the time to ask.

the weekend’s line up is going to have

Coro Coro 3a trick
sword and shield 2a trick(may not get done because i need to finish smoothing out my sword and shield)
offhand trapeze’s brother mount and uses 5A
Advanced E fan idea’s