5A May Re-Deux Update with tutors posted!

(Mitch) #1

You all remember the lovely 5A tutorials YoYoFactory had posted… Some of you may know that they were all taken down due to the problems with Duncans patent… While this is fair among large companies, its really us, the players who suffer… So myself and some other unsponsored members of the forums have decided to remake the videos and more… I was hoping for the assistance of YYE tutorials on this because I have no editing abilities, no video editing software, or conversion software, and I also thought YYE tuts would be a better hosting area than my own personal youtube channel…

Edit with tutors found…

Tuts by Me:
Shoulder pops
Double or nothin mount for 5A
Houdini mount for 5A

Tuts by Paolo:
Buko’s GT
dice to GT
Suicide to GT
5A ninja Vanish

Tuts by Arussel:
Lindy loop release
5A setup
Under Leg trapeze

Tuts by cbaxt:

And then unclaimed tuts…
One hand Pinwheel
Grind meltdown

(Chase Baxter) #2

I can teach some tricks that I don’t quite know the original version but made a combo out of them. I can do:

-5A Tangler (just learned it recently so I don’t need to make the tutorial if someone else wants to)
-Under Leg Trapeze (I don’t think it’s an original version)
-Electric Fan Combos
-Short String Combos
-Double on Trapeze Variations
-Trapeze and his bro
-One and a Half Mount (My version)
-Hyper Pendeleum

And I’m not sure If I will be able to do Double or Nothing or Wrist Mount

Then I might be able to make a tutorial on 5A Judging and “What you can use if you don’t have a counterweight”

(Mitch) #3

I forgot about E-Fan… I can do a tut for most of the mounts… I have a slightly rough time with the 5A wrist mount but I could do it…

Any one able to do some video converting and editing for youtube?


what about that sterling quinn trick: Genocide? It looked very hard, I cant make a tutorial, I dont know the trick, but I remember that being a tutorial, although in the video, they just showed the trick. And jonrob did lazy leg

(Chase Baxter) #5

I can do some basic hubstack tricks too.

(Mitch) #6

We can do a crap ton of other tricks too and go all out… Maybe we should make this a full blown tutorial project and do other styles as well

(Chase Baxter) #7

3A Tutorials :o

(Mitch) #8

I need to learn some more 3A lol


I can do setup, how to hold, 360, windmill, lindy-loop release, and maybe 1.5 mount. Also I can do GT and Meltdown. I want to help!


I can do Buko’s Green triangle, and 5A ninja vanish. I can also do suicide to GT and dice to GT.


This is exactly what I have been hoping for. I was just about to start learning these tricks when I found out they were removed. Please see this project through. I’m sure there are many more like me who want to progress in 5a and could really benefit from this.



I will do windmill and under-leg thing.

(Mitch) #13

All four of us should make a clip video for the over of 5A… It could be cool… We’ll all use one or two clips each to have a nice short vid demoing 5A…

(Chase Baxter) #14

You mean like a normal video showcasing tricks but promoting this?


I think we should make a YT channel for all these tutorials. Anyone think of a name?



(Chase Baxter) #17

What about:

5ATutorials…Simple, yet elegant :stuck_out_tongue:

or if we do all styles:


or a cheesy one but I’ll put it out there:


I got a good one: Isay5a


I think 5ATutorials is the best.

Now a password.

I’ll PM it to everyone who makes tutorials.

(Chase Baxter) #20

I’m gonna try to make some tonight. But it will also be my first tutorial.