The Capt's 5A high speed breakdowns! 5a wrist mount Added

You will find all of my 5A highspeed breakdowns here, be sure to let me know what you think and what you would like to see added!

5a wrist mount

One Handed Under Mount

Electric Fan


5A Double or Nothing Release

5A 360 Release

5A Atom Smasher

5A Bee Sting

5A Orbital

5A Baking Soda

5A Eli Hops

5A Nunchuck

5A Houdini Mount

5A Twirl

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Atom Smasher added

Bee Sting added fellas

Orbital added, anyone learning from these?

Baking soda added :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. thank you, this is really helping. i can now do 360 and trapeze. can you do nun chuck and eli hops(or variation eli hops idk what its called)

I will get those up In the next few days for you.

Glad these are helpful!

thank you ;D

5a eli hops added per request

you are awesome :smiley: ;D

N. chuck should be up late tonight or early tmw.

awesome, thank you

New vid


Houdini mount

Added per request

double or nothing release

This is one of my favorites at the moment.

5a Twirl

Yoyo used in the atom smasher vid?

I used a duncan metropolis. Great shape for 5a. And at a great price. they are on sale at another site for 38$ shipped.

I knew it lol! I love the purple one. I thought about getting one for 1a(my main style of play) or 2 for learning 3a. I’m not great at 5a but I could use 1 for that as well. Thanks

Ps: I learned atom smasher from your tutorial!

I havn’t used if for 1a but if you like the v shape I bet u like it.

Glad the videos have helped you.