Freehand/5A Discussion


What is YoyoExpert without a Freehand/5A discussion/megapost? What tricks are you guys working on? What are your favorite setups at the moment? Pics are more than welcome! Videos, post em! I’ll start:

My current setup is a Northstar w/ a Duncan die. I’ve been working on getting smoother at Tanglers and I finally got Beesting after realizing how simple it is. I have down all of the beginners tutorials on YYE and double or nothing on Miguel’s. Next is 1.5 mount!


Current set up, Catalyst w/ yyj cw. Got a few I’m trying to work the kinks out.
Right now im focused on my Freestyle for SoCal.


Nice! good luck!


same set up as you :stuck_out_tongue:

Northstar with duncan die.

I have all yoyoexpert tricks down and some other tricks from various youtube channels. But one trick I can’t seem to do for my life is trapeze and his bro. Catching the dice and landing the yoyo on the string at the same time is to much multi-tasking for me :confused:
unless im doing something wrong

Trying to learn some tricks from duncantoys and cyberyo youtube channels


duncans yoyo ninja video helps a lot! Can you do the advanced repeating stall? That’s giving me some trouble

(Troy(oyo) #6

Current Setup: JonRob Genesis with Spintop Button.
or: Duncan Diversion with d6 and d12

I am working on beesting and e-fan and tangler combos. Things like combining those elements with meltdown elements and so forth.


Current setup: '09 888 with Takeshi dice. Right now I’m stuck on bee sting and e-fans. Looking forward to getting a PSG to stop hearing metallic clank everytime I screw up


Current Setups: 09 Severe w/spin top button (I’m not picky on CWs, it changes a lot)
RYYs Macrocosm w/bouncy ball (again, it changes)

Currently trying to get my tanglers to look good, and working on doing them right out of other moves. Also doing some behind the back tanglers, and working on a few aerials. Oh, and a cool Red Triangle move I though up the other day, guess I’ll share it:

Spin your CW like you would for an e-fan, and set up a RT with your non-throw hand. Do a snap suicide and guide the CW through the RT as it comes around, catching the CW. I can’t do it with any sort of consistency yet, but I’m sure someone will be able to.

If this already has a name, I’m sorry. Just kinda happend to me while I was messing around yesterday.


Current setup

YYF 09 Severe with Duncan yellow ball
Xcube steamroller with YYJ CW
OD Ni54/DD (custom)

working on my FS for European Championship next week

I’d post my vids, but I’m not that good and I take it those who wanted to see them saw them already.

Other setups (not currently using)
OD Code 1, double dice
Bape - terrapin dice
Trainwreck V1 & V2 - standard duncan dice
Lit up FHZ/lit up dice

etc… etc…


Good luck at that Hadoq!  There are going to be a few very nice yoyos released there as well as amazing performers!

I’m sure most of you have seen this video, but it’s amazing nonetheless.(not all 5a).  Hadoq, you should appreciate the DD in the middle! Enjoy


I just started learning 5a recently and I love it! I love learning and practicing it, I should say. I don’t like getting smacked in the face by hard plastic dice. That’s all part of it, though, because now I know how to avoid hitting myself in the face.
When I wasn’t hurting myself or watching the yoyo fly out of my hands, I learned Bee Sting and one of those stalling moves. And I can also do a fairly consistent but sloppy Tangler. I’m working on Sawchucks, Electric Fan, and Helicopter as well. And when I feel extra daring, I’ve been experimenting with Miggy-esque arial regenerations. It’s all really fun!
I’ve been using a Protostar with a red Duncan die for learning tricks, a plastic Grind Machine with a blue Duncan ball for smoothing out learned tricks, and a Light-up FHZ with light-up die for showing off.

(Troy(oyo) #12

I really really really wanna learn sawchucks, I love Drew Tetz’s flow.


Mmmm, yeah, me too. I love his style and flow. I’ve been trying to do sawchucks on and off for months.


I just got a few rotations of the first part before the switch. …that’s all though. I came up with my own little e-fan/stall/pinwheel combo. If I can ever get a camera I’ll shoot a(shoddy) video of myself


Whip … With like a white bear CW (got from johnny at va states)

Still can’t do bee sting… Bummer!!!

Another setup… Agape w/ red Duncan dice


YoYoJam Pinnacle with red dice that came with it and Modded FHZ I got from Secret Santa with the Duncan Freehand CW (dice biting string with sunglasses) but its way cooler cuz its completely lime green!


That Whip was a steal Nivo!


Genesis/ Supernova lite depending on my mood with a all black die


I keep hearing how great the Supernovas and severes are for 5a. What tricks are you working on? post pics of it if you can, I’d love to see!


I finally landed bee sting!!! It’s so easy just need to understand what you need to do