5a tricks


Hey I’ve been looking to make a freestyle routine for 5a and I was wondering if anybody has made any cool looking original tricks. I’ve looked at yoyoexpert’s and yoyotrick’s trick videos but most of them look pretty boring.

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look up David Molnar, Jake Elliot, takeshi… these guys have plenty of videos on youtube and watching should be able to help…

Also i love your name…


I’ve made up a few that I’d rather not share yet. I agree that their selection is a little bit boring but to get to the cool stuff you either have to search for people’s personal tutorials or just make them up on your own. Get creative, that’s what I did and it has done me well.

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But sharing is caring :smiley:


I want to share them just not yet. When I get the GN Phoenix prototypes, I plan to do a whole wave of 5a tutorials.


Please, now is the perfect time since it feels like people have forgotten about 5A May this year…